About Digital Life

When the Digital Life programme completes we will describe the UAL’s digital presence as:

“We provide an inspirational digital experience through rapid, future oriented and continuous innovation that:

  • focuses on our students and the arts

  • transcends university, college and departmental boundaries

  • promotes learning, collaboration, mobility and community”

using the following principles:

  • accessible, available everywhere, at all times

  • minimal duplication and complexity

  • built on a digital mesh from within the institution and outside

  • our community delights in our digital services, evangelises and challenges us

  • other institutions look to us for inspiration

  • sometimes world class, sometimes simply fit-for-purpose

  • rapid and regular change

  • individuals receive personalised experience, consuming services where, when, how they wish

  • each College able to surface its uniqueness as part of a single vibrant digital University

  • digital learning innovation investigated and integrated where value added

  • digital by default

we support the following UAL principles (from the medium term strategy):

  • Responding to cultural, economic and technological change

  • Fostering a culture of inclusivity both across the University and with creative and cultural sectors

  • To improve the overall experience of our students and unite all our students and staff in developing a shared sense of purpose as members of the University community

  • To ensure the financial health of the University (by increasing student recruitment and retention)

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